Once again, the thrill of anticipation is almost killing me. No more than 8 days, and i will finally put my feet on Spanish ground again. Since weeks I’m following the rising water levels in my favorite reservoirs and ongoing heavy rain is doing his best to keep them at maximum capacity.

Which is great news, because it will allow me to finally steer my Kayak through familiar grounds again. It’s exactly 3 years, since I saw the reservoirs around Cordoba at maximum capacity. I’m still taking trips down memory lane – full of explosive topwater strikes and the beautiful fish that got caught between treetops and bushes in shallow water. “Primavera” (spring) and the exciting thrill of pre-spawn is making a perfect season for a lengthy kayak fishing trip.

Primavera en Navallana
Perfect water level for kayak fishing…

I just found the above picture of current water levels at one of my favorite places and if you compare it to last years pictures you might understand my excitement.

Besides following weather conditions and water levels, I’m slowly starting to prepare my tackle boxes for the upcoming trip. I already made a rough selection for the two-week trip, but things might still change until I’m leaving.

Topwater Tackle Box
This first selection is subject to alteration… :)

It’s hard to describe that feeling but there’s this strong and irresistible impulse to travel, spend time outdoors and of course the breathtaking thrill of topwater bass fishing!

4 thoughts on “Itchy Feet

  1. oleg wrote on :

    I am enjoing reading your blogs since I think 2009, can you tell what tackle boxes you are using?

  2. Christian wrote on :

    Hi Oleg,

    super happy to get in touch with one of my long-time followers!

    I’m mainly using Versus boxes by Meiho in various sizes and variants. They are good value for money and do the job. You should be able to get them at you local tackle shop as Meiho is distributed worldwide.

    Take care,

  3. oleg wrote on :

    Thank you very much

  4. Oleg wrote on :

    Yep, those Meiho boxes are great, got it now. What I also wanted to say, that I learned to organise my lures after seeing your extra-neat tackle posts. Encouraging and highly aesthetic.
    I am slowely drifting towart Top Water delights, trying to play it here in Danube Delta. RO. Thanks man.

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