I’m currently trying to get my first lure sketches ready for a swim test and things are finally taking shape. Coating by hand is a time consuming task and while I will never get the results of thin layered airbrush paint job, I’m still happy about the current – quite natural look and feel.

Still a bit rough, but with a few more layers this might become a solid and strong coating

Already in early stages, I decided to go for a clear coating and to drop details like eyes. On the one hand, I like the minimalism and stripped-down appearance, while on the other it really doesn’t make sense to think about such niceties before I get a better feel for material, body shape design and resulting lure actions.

Hand-coated Prototypes
So glad my improvised coating rack stands firm…

As mentioned before, it’s a long term project and I somehow picture a lengthy testing and prototyping phase, rather than quick results. Like Steve J. put it in back 1987: “The Journey Is the Reward”… :)

Thanks again to Shimazaki-san of Handsome Lures and Sebastian of Sword Custom Rods for their support in preparation of the coating process. Your guidance was more than helpful in regard to material choice and execution. Much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Final Touches

  1. Paul wrote on :

    I was wondering what the clear coat you are using is or maybe even some pointers on applying it?

    as you have some direct experience of Japanese lure making


  2. Christian wrote on :

    Hi Paul,

    I just started to design and craft my own lures and the transparent coating caused me some headache too. Luckily I got good advice and assistance.

    I used a 2-component polyurethane coating that is used for boat-building. I applied 5 thin layers with a really soft brush, while the time between application of these layers was about 8 hours. This interval might differ depending on your coating.

    Hope this helps.

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