Today I finally finished a first handful of prototypes I’m working on since a few weeks. It’s not that tasks like designing, carving and hand-coating took that long, but a time-consuming day job and the joys of family life can draw out the process even more.

First Prototypes
Really like the glossy, yet natural look and feel.

Overall I’m pleased with the result even if I learned some hard lessons during the process. Some conclusions:

1. Need a workshop…
(The basement of our apartment is not really an option.)
2. Need some electric tools to improve carving and sanding…
(As much as I loved doing both tasks completely by hand, the results are not 100% satisfying.)
3. Need an airbrush system…
(To achieve quality coatings and to start designing some of the patterns and ideas I came up with in recent weeks.)
4. Need to win the lottery to get points 1. – 3. done!
And that’s the snag! :)

As mentioned in previous posts, my lure building attempts might stay on this basic, yet very passionate level, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. I loved working on these first designs and if they work only half-as-good as they feel and look like, it’s a perfect bases for further experiments.

Surprisingly, it’s the first design that I created back in February, that is my favorite amongst the small palette of body shapes and lure types. The initial version of smaller size and more even body lines has something that seems to be worth further exploration. The fact that both versions of this lure are build from pear wood might also be a point to investigate. It’s obviously more dense and heavy than the basswood I used for the other prototypes, but I somehow preferred the more solid feel and handling during the carving process.

Lure Building
Little “Robin” seems to really stand out from the crowd…”

Of course the other lures and designs created will not go by the board, but little “Robin” feels like the more unique and promising direction. And then there is this idea of a streamlined popper I’m already working on… :)

More pictures and insights from first field-tests to follow soon.

2 thoughts on “The Lesson Is Clear…

  1. Bob wrote on :

    This Blog is fantastic. I’m reading through the whole thing, all of your entries. I wish I could afford all the lures you have. Question, do you have any Vagabond lures? Those seem so cool.

  2. Christian wrote on :

    Hi ‘Bob’ :)
    glad you like the blog and soak up entries and pictures! About your question: no, I don’t own Vagabond lures myself. Do you have access to yahoo auctions? Should be a good place to get their products at reasonable prices.

    And yes, I have to admit that I spent a lot for my lure box contents in recent years, but I worked quite hard for that and fortunately these ‘things’ tend to change over time in a positive way…

    Good luck, Christian

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