Finally back at home after relaxed still eventful two weeks in sunny Spain! As much as I enjoyed this year’s fishing marathon, I’m happy to be back. Really missed the family and even smartphones and wifi spots at hotels and bars can not ease the ‘pain’… As for previous trips, I will compile a handful of brief recap-posts to give you a glimpse of the irrestible beauty of “primavera” (spring) in Andalusia.

The trip started with a two-day stay in Villa del Rio, visiting good friend Enrique and with two long and brutally hot days at a nearby reservoir. I already knew this place from previous visits, but it was the first time I got the chance to explore this water on my own.

Wilderness Tarpon100
Hiding from the midday sun…

Like in recent years, I got hands on a Wilderness Tarpon 100 again and was able to rent it for the entire trip. Again I enjoyed every minute I spent on this agile and highly versatile watercraft as it helps turning my day trips into memorable and highly unique experiences.

Pantano de Yeguas
Perfect conditions for a relaxed topwater trip…

Fishing ‘Yeguas’ was more than entertaining. Conditions where perfect and bass where quite active and attacked my lures in shallow bays and long-drawn-out flats. Below you can find a bunch of selected shots, I took during these first two days. To access all photos for this and following blog posts, you can use the thumbnails on the right or simply click one of the embedded pictures to switch to gallery view. Enjoy!

Hutley's Innerhand-W.B.
Best fish of the day was caught on Hutley’s Innerhand-W.B. s present by good friend Nagata-san of

Anydope Onenac
Anydope‘s OneNac – one of my favorites during these first day’s fishing…

Pantano de Yeguas
Amazing scenery at Pantano de Yeguas…

Local Lures Karikari Mouse
Another sweet fish lured to of his cover by the irresistible sound of Local‘s Karikari mouse

Thee Elephant Baits - L7
This ‘chico’ almost jumped into the kayak while striking the Elephant Baits ‘L7’… Pure fun!

To be continued…

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