The next day at Encinarejo was exciting in many aspects. Conditions where even better than the day before and within a few hours I had numerous bites and powerful strikes. Around midday I equipped the Kayak with all the essentials for a day-trip and within minutes I was ready to go.

Encinarejo Dam
Beautiful view on Encinarejo’s dam…

I started exploring the same area we started fishing the day before, but took much more time to give even the most hard to reach point and hidden spot a closer look and try. First bites and the 1st fish where courtesy by Anydope‘s OneNac again, so I decided to switch to other lures, just to give them a chance for some bites and further scratches… :)

Anydope OneNac
First fish of the day w/ Anydope OneNac

Lure of the day was Elephant Baits‘ L7. With it’s short-turn moves, smooth and almost silent props the classic red-head design attracted countless bites in shallow grounds. It’s was already a hot favorite since the trip to Yeguas, but the fishes caught with this particular lure on that day where nothing short of breathtaking. All fish of this 6-hour-trip where in perfect shape, healthy and of great coloring. All of them close to/or around 50cm – weighting in between 3 to a little more than 4lb.

Elephant Baits - L7
Beautiful fish caught w/ Elephant Baits’ L7

Just a great place for kayaking…

Elephant Baits - L7
3rd fish of a spree using ‘L7’ by Elephant Baits

In the heat of the midday-sun I lost a decent fish between driftwood in a sandy bay. From the pain I felt in my wrist after the ~20 second fight, this one would have been truly the icing on the cake for this trip. Shorty afterwards, I finally got the first bass on HandSome‘s TailPlayer – a present from friend and mentor Taizo Shimazaki. It’s pure fun to fish this lively little lure and the ‘NBS’ color pattern is one of my favorites since the release of ‘Scooper’ more than two years ago. Same like for the L7 – spanish bass preferred really slow presentation and only a few subtle movements where enough to lure the fish out of their hiding spots.

Handsome Lures - TailPlayer
First fish on this tiny fellow – w/ Handsome Lures – TailPlayer

Perfect round-up was another sweet catch on Récord de Ligero‘s Romeo. This lure already caught a few decent fish on last year’s trip, so it was an easy choice for this day’s lure-box.

Record de Ligero - Romeo
Perfect round-up courtesy by “Romeo”

Enjoy browsing the pictures!

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