In recent years I visited almost a dozen different reservoirs in Spain, but Pantano de Jandula is by far the most remote place I’ve ever been to. It took me more than one and a half hours to complete the remaining 17 km before arriving at the reservoirs dam. Roads became sandy runways full of holes and after passing adventurous mountain passes and a scary flooded cave close to the dam, I finally reached the reservoirs banks.

Pantano de Jandula
Great view from curvy mountain roads…

Arriving at this remote place off the beaten tracks was one of these very special moments. What a breathtaking and inspiring view. Can’t remember I ever visited a place that was that quiet and peaceful.

I started exploring a small island continued fishing the rocky banks that where full of bushes and flooded trees – creating perfect hiding spots for bass. It took a while to record first gentle bites, but the first hard strike and fish compensated perfectly for the wait.

Record de Ligero - Romeo
Nice fish caught w/ Record de Ligero‘s – Romeo

Again conditions where almost perfect and after the first catch on Record de Ligero‘s “Romeo”, I continued fishing my favorite popper – Abdeal‘s Splat. I really love fishing this versatile little lure, as it allows subtle dog walking combined with an irresistible pop-sound. Small size and little weight are a perfect match for the Slowtaper Distill GL58S & Conquest setup.

Pantano de Jandula
Hiding from the sun…

Abdeal - Splat
Beautiful fish caught w/ Abdeal‘s ‘Splat’

Black Bass
Well-fed, strong and healthy…

Black Bass
Another great catch – courtesy by Abdeal‘s ‘Splat’

In the following hours I caught a few good fish. Healthy and exceptionally strong fighting they really made up for the long and weary journey. Memorable trip!

Pantano de Jandula
I will be back… :)

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