After a day off from kayaking and fishing, I decided to start early and after the 15-minute-ride, I arrived at the reservoir just in time for an incredibly beautiful sunset. Temperatures during the night where around 10 degree, so the fog lifted quite slowly. Again I missed out on numerous bites before I the first good isn was caught using Anydope’s OneNac. Again slow presentation and a perfect cast into heavy cover provided with a stunning fight!

Pantano de Encinarejo
Freezing cold morning, but what a view and atmosphere…

Anydope - Onenac
First catch of the day.. and what a beast that was! Lure: Anydope – OneNac

If you spend more than a just day at one of the bigger reservoirs in this area, you can be lucky enough to discover one of these hidden treasures, one would easily miss on a brief excursion. On this very special day at Encinarejo, I found one of these gems while exploring a handful of small bays looking for promising fishing spots.

Hidden places
Hidden freshwater inlet with a truly special atmosphere…

Scenery and atmosphere of this place where nothing short of magic and even in the heat of the midday sun (~ 30 degree), I found time to appreciate the singularity of this hidden freshwater inlet. It felt like landing the kayak at a secret place and the bubbling sound of the inlet and countless birds created a very special ambience. Unfortunately the photos made, can’t convey the atmosphere of the moment…

Hidden places
Hidden freshwater inlet…

Minutes later I missed out on a decent fish when slowly fishing the area. As I can say from a short fight, strength and power of the fish where just incredible. This could have been the catch of a lifetime, and after the first adrenaline rush was gone, I felt the miserable pain of this lost opportunity… Anyway, what happened made me even more optimistic for the hours and days ahead!

Abdeal - Abstract DM
This sweet fish couldn’t resist Abdeal‘s Abstract DM

Wilddancer - BigDeal
Another nice catch on WildDancer‘s BigDeal!

Around midday and early afternoon I caught a few good-sized and strong fighting bass and even recorded a first successful fight on Local Lure’s Soritonbo. I was fishing this lure almost every day since arriving in Spain, but this was the first real strike! Again a beautiful fish and thrilling fight in shallow waters that helped me quitting a long day fishing with a bright smile. See for yourself!

Pantano de Encinarejo
Totally felt in love this place…

Local Lure - Soritonbo
Finally! First fish on Local Lure‘s 反りトンボ (Soritonbo)

Local Lure - Soritonbo
Proud as a Spaniard… :)

To be continued…

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