I know this might get a bit boring for some of you, but these recap posts are a perfect way to refresh the memories of this great trip and will help to withstand the coming weeks and months.

On my last day at Encinarejo, I decided to not start before late afternoon, but even after 4pm it was still incredibly hot. Again I spent some time hiding in the shadow, before kayaking into direction of my favorite places and spots.

Kayaking Encinarejo
Learned to appreciate these little hiding spots… :)

As the sun began to hide behind the mountains, I approached one of these hidden small bays. With huge rocks and 2 smaller islands in it’s centre, this place looked just predestinated for a perfect climax. Already at one of the first points – between rocks and sunken bushes – I recorded a first strong bite and minutes later I was involved in a fierce duel with a decent fish. Unfortunately I missed out once again, as I couldn’t prevent the fish from a powerful jump in some distance. It’s hard to describe the painful feeling, when you just lost a great fish and quickly realize that this could have been the best catch of the entire trip…

Luckily, I caught a few good fish within the following hours before sunset, and the amazing scenery and atmosphere helped to get over the miserable feeling… :) I fished only a handful of lures during the short trip with Elephant Baits‘ Voxer, Local Lure‘s 食用ガヘル2nd and Record de Ligero‘s Julieta being on the receiving end of some hard strikes.

Elephant Baits - Voxer
This powerful little chico was the first fish of the day – Lure: Elephant Baits – Voxer

Local Lure
Really good fish on Local Lure‘s 食用ガヘル2nd

Local Lure
Happy and excited…

I will really miss this place and I’m pretty sure that I will go there again. Rather sooner than later! :)

Local Lure
Another good one – Lure: Local Lure‘s 食用ガヘル2nd

Record de Ligero - Julieta
Last fish at Pantano de Encinarejo – courtesy by Record de Ligero‘s Julieta

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