During last years trip to Guadalmellato I was more than devastated when I saw this place, because of the really low water level that was caused by construction works on the reservoir’s dam. Thanks to the huge amount of rain earlier this year, Guadalmellato was now at full capacity and I can’t remember this place covered with so much green. The flooded banks where full of hundreds of trees and in some areas it felt more like kayaking a forest than huge lake.

The flooded banks where full of trees. Perfect hiding spots….

Somehow I had the feeling that something special might happen while fishing the jungle at Guadalmellato and I had high hopes about finally catching the “big one”. Things almost never turn out the way you expect, so I ended up exploring some small bays as strong wind made it almost impossible to fish my favorite places.

Kayaking Guadalmellato
Kayaking the jungle at Guadalmellato was a great experience!

Early afternoon I caught these two “chicos” that couldn’t resist Record’s Mandarina – a tuned version, I got as a present during last year’s trip to Takayama-dam (Thanks Max!).

Record de Ligero
Small but strong fighting!

Record de Ligero
A second good fish on Record de Ligero’s Mandarina

Within the following hours before quitting fishing, I tried almost everything, but even the preferred slow & steady style didn’t convince one of the big ones. Fortunately, the beautiful green bays and the quietness of this great place where able to lift the mood and I really enjoyed the last two hours kayaking the reservoir. But see for yourself…

Kayaking Guadalmellato
Great place, amazing silence and atmosphere…

The water surface was almost like a mirror…

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