Here comes a quick update from rainy Berlin. Within the last weeks I was busy working and spend most of my spare-time with the family. I’m missing the water from time to time, but if you spend all day at the office – “family-time” is becoming a really valuable good.

When our 2-year-old son got up around 6 am today (argh…), he told us that he would like to build a “Holzfisch” (wooden fish) – “like daddy”. As it was raining cats & dogs all morning, this was just the perfect way to spend the day.

Lure-building Stencils
Cutting stencils for a popper and a more experimental “popminnowswisher”

Right after breakfast, I quickly digitalized hand-drawn lure sketches I did in recent weeks and we both spent the rest of the morning drawing and cutting stencils. Just a pleasure to see how much passion our son puts into crafting things with his own hands…

Hands-on with daddies’ tools…

Our two-year-old getting passionate about sanding!

In the afternoon we spend another two hours in the improvised basement workshop sawing and sanding lure blanks. listening to some our favorite tunes. We both really enjoyed this first father & son co-production and I can’t wait to start carving the streamlined popper and the more experimental “popminnowswisher”!

Final checkup on our lure blanks

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