After weeks of patiently waiting for another package from overseas, I was able to add some gorgeous new lures to my box. The recently released クチボソ (kuchiboso = bait fish) got company by 上クチビル (ue kuchibiru = top lips) – another quirky lure by Eiji Tomiyama – creative mastermind behind Chiba-based Local Lure. As for most of Local’s lures I added in recent years, it took a long while and a bit of luck to get hands on both of them.

ローカル - クチボソ
ローカル – クチボソ – Color: ウロコ * Local Lure – Kuchiboso (“bait fish”)

ローカル - 上クチビル
ローカル – 上クチビル – Color: 黄ばみ * Local Lure – ue kuchibiru (“top lips”)

Another lure I recently bought is Saurus’ famous ‘Balsa50’ Classic in the popular ブラックバス (black bass) color pattern. This reissue of one of the most popular Japanese handmade lures was originally designed and handcrafted by Tadashi Nishioka during the late 70’s.

Saurus - Balsa50 Classic
Saurus – Balsa50 “Classic” – Color: ブラックバス (Black Bass)

Thanks to Shu Miura, former chief editor of Basser Magazine, I got hands on some rare magazine scans from that time, and I will be happy to share some of them in one of my next posts.

Tadashi Nishioka
The original Balsa50 – designed and handcrafted by Tadashi Nishioka (late 70’s)

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