Naming this blog post after the famous Kinks song might feel a bit cheesy, but after endless cold and rainy days, we finally had a full day of sunshine! A perfect excuse to leave the desk and to go on a spontaneous trip to my favorite lake in the north of Berlin.

Almost perfect conditions.. If only the wind would have calmed down…

It was great to test the new lures and even if I had no single strike during today’s short trip, I really enjoyed casting and playing latest arrivals. Squally wind made topwater angling a bit more tricky than I thought, but I enjoyed sunshine and spending some time outdoors.

Today’s official “No-Bite-Face”…

Favorite of the day, was Local Lure’s 上クチビル (ue kuchibiru = top lips). It’s unusual floating style and lively movement are nothing short of amazing. Fishing this quirky little plug is pure fun and I really can’t wait to catch a first fish on this one!

ローカル - 上クチビル
Field-testing: ローカル – 上クチビル * Local Lure – ue kuchibiru (“top lips”)

ローカル - 上クチビル
Quirky little fellow… :)

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