Here comes a quick round-up before I’m leaving Berlin on Monday for a two-week trip. In recent weeks, I was working on a handful of projects that kept me busy and away from spending time on the water or in the improvised lure-building workshop. But since of last week, summer holidays are finally here and after some relaxing days with the family, I’m preparing for my third trip to Japan. After traveling to Japan for two years in a row, I initially thought about not going in 2013, but I just couldn’t resist..

Travel Preparations
Rail pass and paperwork…

I know, it might sound strange, but I’m really missing my Japanese friends – our inspiring talks and Topwater fishing trips. It’s kind of harsh, if you are really passionate about something that makes you happy, is your source of inspiration and you simply can’t share this passion with like-minded people and friends in your area.

Yes, I know.. I could have chosen another “hobby” or leisure activity, but there’s this strong bond between the fascinating microcosm of Japanese Surface Game and my quirky, yet grounded mind. Anyway… there’s no need to get sentimental about the fact, that I was just born on the wrong continent… :)

I already finished packing some fishing tackle and equipment for the trip, and I’m slowly making progress while going through my extensive packing list. Fortunately, I already finished the toughest part of my preparations – which was packing the lure box for the two-week trip. It’s quite interesting to see how my boxes contents have changed over the last few years. Some new lure builder’s creations have found a place amongst all-time favorites of mine, while some have gone completely (but have not been forgotten).

Travel Preparations
Lure box packing is really the toughest task before going on a trip.

My schedule for the coming two weeks is really packed, and while I’m more than happy to see good friends and favorite lure builders again, it’s too bad that I can’t meet all of them during my stay. I already got some kind invitations and will even get the chance to meet more people from my growing list of virtual friends and followers. Besides all the odds and things I don’t like about platforms like Facebook and Instagram, they are offering fantastic ways to connect and stay in touch with people across the globe.

If you like to follow me during this years trip (at least virtually), you can simply connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I will do my best to not post all-to random stuff over the course of the next two weeks. Stay tuned!

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