After some days with the family and fighting the jet-lag, I’m ready to kickoff the recap post series for this years trip to Japan. I hope you will enjoy pictures and field notes!

This first fishing trip was perfectly planned and executed by Hirayama-san of Genuine Record, Nagata-san of Rotton and Takeshi Fukuma – head behind 2tone. The trip to Sarutani-dam (Monkey Valley) was already our third fishing trip and I’m more than happy that we where able to see each-other again.

Beautiful place high up in the mountains

Sarutani-dam is a beautiful and quite place in Nara prefecture, with crystal clear water surrounded by a breathtaking scenery of green hills and mountains. We arrived around 2pm and started fishing the shallow banks and rocky structures right away. After adding some new plugs of favorite lure builders at the Rotton shop the day before, I enjoyed testing the new additions in perfect conditions.

Fishing “Monkey Valley”…

I also got some positive and encouraging feedback for one of my prototypes, and I already got some ideas about how to make this first version of my “flat-side pencil” even better. More to come!

Tested and proven to work…

Fishing the clear waters of “Monkey Valley” was quite tough, but Nagata-san really killed it with an incredible 50up beauty. Well done!

Sarutani-dam Bass
Congrats for this beautiful fish!

Despite the fact that this was the only fish of the afternoon, we continued in best mood and enjoyed good talks and relaxed topwater fishing until sunset.

Good company and relaxed topwater style fishing in a truly great scenery

I somehow managed to catch the two smallest fish of the entire reservoir using one of my all-time favorites – Record’s “Quebrada”.

Sarutani-dam Bass
Lure: Record de Ligero – Quebrada

I really enjoyed the time we spent together at Sarutani-dam and the delicious Yakiniku we had at a nearby restaurant in the evening was a perfect round-up for the trip. Thanks again for this great afternoon and evening, hope to see you again soon!

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