I know, I’m really slow with posting the remaining recap posts, but please bare with me. Will try my best to speed things up!

As soon as I knew, that I would have the chance to travel to Japan again, I got in touch with my friends in overseas to make travel plans. One of them – Noriaki Kidoro of Thee Elephant Baits, just announced the date for this years meet-up at Lake Biwa around that time. I kindly asked if I could participate in the two day event. Going to Biwako is always tempting, but as I said many times during my stay in Japan – this years trip was really about meeting people, rather than fishing and catching the monsters. Of course it’s great, when you get the chance to combine both.

Elephants Jam 2013
Just arrived at the Elephants Jam camp…

Unfortunately, I picked up a fierce stomach bug the day before and when we arrived at the event’s location early afternoon, I really suffered from high fever and pain. What a start into the weekend… After a few hours, liters of water and thanks to some magic stomach medicine from Germany, I felt slightly better. When a group of people prepared for a brief evening fishing trip, I was already able to hop on a boat and do some casts.

Noriaki Kidoro
Noriaki Kidoro – creative head behind Thee Elephant Baits

We fished some weed beds and lily pads close to the banks while testing latest lure prototypes. It was all about enjoying the evening sun and meeting more friends of The Elephant Baits on our journey. A few of them I already knew from social networks I’m using more or less frequently. It’s always great to meet up with those people in person and their sheer interest in saying hello to the “crazy german” was simply overwhelming. Communication went surprisingly well, and I really enjoyed tackle and fishing talk. Thanks again for great hospitality and the warm welcome!

Kazuhiko = 100% Topwater Plugger

During the evening, I had the pleasure to meet even more people and even if I was still suffering from my aching stomach, I tried to keep my head up and to stop whining. :)
I would have loved to try more of the delicious food and sweet-smelling barbecue stuff, but I simply couldn’t. To the surprise of most guests, “The German” didn’t even touch a beer. That’s how sick I felt!

Elephants Jam 2013
Barbecue at the lake & live music!

After a few hours sleep and more of that magic medicine, I felt much better than the day before and around sunrise we hit the water for another brief fishing trip. Fishing Biwako was tough (once again) and among all participants only two fish where caught during the morning hours.

Morning at Biwako
Tough fishing, but great view and morning atmosphere

Nonetheless, we enjoyed spending a few hours on the water with more people stopping by for a quick chat and a photo.

Biwako Photo Shooting
Biwako Photo Shooting!

Elephants Jam 2013
Thanks again for great hospitality and a really good time!

Around midday we left Biwako in direction Kyoto station (towards Nagoya) with a brief stop at the Akashi Brand office. It’s already the second time, I more or less accidentally come across Akashi-san and visiting his office was great. Thanks again.

Some link love:
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