Here are some pictures and a brief report from todays short trip to one of the clear lakes in the north of Berlin. I had a few hours off in the afternoon and decided to make a spontaneous topwater trip to enjoy the fresh breeze before the rain.

Afternoon at the lake
Love that green!

Just when I hit the water, I found some perch hunting small bait fish close to the banks in crystal clear water. I did a few cast with 2tone’s “Two seam” and after a few strikes, I got the first fish of the day.

2tone "Two Seam"
Good size and beautiful colors

During the next few hours, I missed out on numerous bites. Mainly on slim and small-size pencils, but the highlight of the trip was a double strike on Hutley’s Innerhand-W.B.. A first quite soft bite came close to a sunken tree and some lily pads and after a 2nd strike I was able to land my first ever topwater double! Even if sizes where not spectacular and one of the two fish looked slightly scary (probably survived a pike attack), this was real fun!

Hutley's Innerhand W.B.
Sweet double on one of my favorite pencils!

Lure: Hutley’s Innerhand W.B. * Rod: Slowtaper Distill GL54

Hutley's Innerhand W.B.
Probably the ugliest fish I caught in a long while…

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