I know this 3rd part is long overdue, but I hope you will enjoy this recap post documenting a joyful and happy fishing trip in the rain. I already met Shimazaki-san of Handsome Lures and Masahiro Hotta of Abdeal during last year’s trip to Nagoya. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for more than one night, so we didn’t had much time to get to know each other better or to go fishing together.

For this year’s trip I blocked three full days for seeing my friends in Nagoya and in the end I even extended my stay for one more night.
It’s hard to explain, but people in Nagoya are kind of special. I already learned about differences in mentality and mood between people from Toyko and Osaka, but ‘Nagoyans’ are by far the most friendly and caring people I had the pleasure to meet during my round trips. Life here seems to flow at a more relaxed pace, giving visitors like me and my local friends time to enjoy good talks, delicious food and exciting joyful fishing trips.

On this first day in Nagoya we started early and left the city around 2am in the morning for a fishing trip at Biwako. The two-hour ride passed by very quickly and we arrived at lake Biwa early. In good conditions (low light and rain), we started fishing an area that felt like a side-arm and that was covered with lots of lily pads and reed.

Fishing Biwako in the rain

Masahiro kicked of the day with a beautiful and strong fighting bass on his white “Rhombus” and left Shimazaki-san and me slack-jawed.

Biwako Bass

After a few hours without a single bite we moved to Biwako river and started fishing some shallow areas while the heavy rain couldn’t dampen our mood. Fishing was tough and I recorded only a single bite on Handsome’s TailPlayer in my favorite NBS (Natural Black Scale) pattern. When the rain became even more intense, we decided to have a proper lunch and a break. In the afternoon we went back to the area where we started the day and in the few hours before dawn we had a really good time and even caught a few more fish.

Shimazaki-san was able to land a good bass and a strong fighting snakehead on one of his newly built prototypes, which I had the pleasure to try during the day.

Biwako Snakehead
Shimazaki-san with a nasty snakehead

Biwako Bass
Another sweet fish courtesy of a Handsome prototype

I for myself, caught one small bass right before we quit fishing. Lure of choice was Abdeal’s “Splat” and catching a fish literally with the last cast of the trip, put a bright smile on my face.

Biwako Bass
True to the motto: “Catch One Fish”

Thanks again for the great time we had together and for being patient with me until the last minute! :)

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