I know it’s been really quiet around here lately. There is just so much going on! The family and a tight end-of-year schedule in my day-job are keeping me on my toes. Just two reasons why latest arrivals are perfect to remind me, that there’s more to life than work and deadlines that need to be met.

Just today, I received a long anticipated sending from a fellow friend. He helped me to get hands on one of Budd & Joey Company’s classic designs – a ヌーマウス (Nu-Mouse) Model 22 from 1999 in the beautiful “BLLE” (Black Leather) color pattern. Also part of this package – a Basser Magazine issue from 2002 – that I briefly flipped through during my last trip to Japan. The No. 123 issue contains a picture-rich showcase of Hioyuki Fujita’s work and features some amazing photos and insights from his workshop around that time. I promise to share more magazine shots within one of my next posts.

Latest Arrivals
Budd & Joey Nuw Mouse and Basser Magazine No. 123 (March 2002)

The perfect craftsmanship and eye for detail that’s so characteristic for Fujita-san’s lure creations, is simply inspiring and nothing short of breathtaking. Even if I didn’t found much time to continue my own lure building experiments and prototyping sessions in recent months, I’m drawing a lot of inspiration from todays arrivals. To give you a better glimpse or idea of what I’m taking about, I took a handful of photos. Enjoy!

Budd & Joey Nuw Mouse
Model 22 – Color: BLLE (Black Leather)

Budd & Joey Nuw Mouse
Eye-detailing and coating technique are simply stunning

Budd & Joey Nuw Mouse
This one I got from Fujita-san himself during my last trip to Japan. Model KF22 – Color: D (Dalmatian)

More photos and a little more background story to follow soon. Take care!

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