As promised last week, I’m posting some photos of the 2002 Basser magazine issue (No.123) I got hands on. It still feels surreal and I’m so honored that I was able to meet Fujita San in person. He’s not only an amazingly talented and creative mind, but also a truly charismatic person with a friendly and heart-warming character.

While taking the photos of this already eleven-year-old print magazine, some vibrant memories came back to life and the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the Budd & Joey workshop was almost tangible again. I could even feel the 40°C insight the hall and the crazy humidity we experienced that day. :)

Budd & Joey at Basser Magazine
Budd & Joey feature in Basser Magazine No. 123 (March 2002)

Most of the tools and machines in the workshop seemed to be some decades old but where in great condition. The whole setup ranging from sawing machines, a huge lathe up to advanced drill stands was just impressive. I would love to have at least some of these tools available for my lure building experiments from time to time. On the other hand, I somehow enjoy the pain of hand-carving and the simplicity of creating and shaping everything with my own hands. :) More details about lure designs that I’m currently working on, to follow in one of my next posts.

For now you have to make do with some mouth-watering magazine shots featuring “Hiroyuki Fujita’s New World”. Enjoy!

Budd & Joey's Nuw Mouse
Detail fo Budd & Joey’s Nuw Mouse (Color: BLLE)

Budd & Joey Company
Close-up of highly unique color patterns

Budd & Joey Workshop
Great view from within the workshop

Budd & Joey Company
Detail-shot from the eleven-year-old magazine

Budd & Joey at Basser Magazine
Hioyuki Fujita at work

Budd & Joey at Basser Magazine
Budd & Joey Company model-cards and purpose-build lure parts

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