Yes, there are still one or two recap posts in the pipeline – eagerly awaiting to get published on the just relaunched blog. While I was busy working on the new visual appearance of SurfaceDiary, I finally found the time to sort and select some of the still missing pictures I took during the last few days of this years trip to Japan.

This post is featuring some great imagery and highly memorable moments from a fishing trip with Hayashi-san of Slowtaper, Takahashi-san of Less is More and good friend Tsuyoshi. I already had the pleasure to meet Hayashi-san a few times in previous years and the memories of our trip to Inba in June last year are still fresh and vivid. Takahashi-san and I got introduced to each other on last years trip to Lake Biwa – together with mutual friend Masami Motoki of Tsunami Lures.

Fishing Ushiku numa
Great scenery and atmosphere at Ushiku numa

On this last day of the trip, we met around 3 am in the morning and after a quick stop a nearby “konbini” (convenience store), we took a small and curvy road to Ushiku numa. It was the first time I went to this place and the river looked quite promising. Unfortunately I already heard about how difficult to fish this area really is. Even for locals, topwater fishing on the narrow and reed-covered river is tough during most parts of the season.

Before we started fishing, I bought the just released “Distill GL54” from Hayashi-san. This beautiful designed graphite rod is amazingly crisp and lightweight, while the reduced length feels just perfect for fishing narrow rivers and from a float tube or kayak.

Ushiku numa Bass
First fish of the day!

I instantly started to practice side and backhand casting and loved it right away. That I had a first good strike and thrilling fight just minutes later, put a bright smile on my face and left the other participants slack-jawed. Lure of choice was Anydope’s “OneNac” – my absolute favorite for slow and steady style fishing in tough conditions.

Ushiku numa Bass
Everyone’s happy and excited… :)

After an entertaining photo shoot, we continued fishing and enjoyed the warming sunrise. During the first two hours of the trip there where no more bites, and I quickly realized what a lucky punch I just landed with this first fish of the day.

Fishing together with Hayashi-san is always entertaining. Just from watching him topwater fishing, you can learn more than with practicing for years.

Ushiku numa Bass
Hayashi-san catching a good fish using one of my prototypes

German Lure Prototype
Fished and enjoyed!

To my surprise, I got more flattering feedback for one of my prototypes. That Hayashi-san loved playing the tiny pencil that much, put a bright smile on my face and the fish he caught minutes later was the highlight of the day. I was glad and happy to get the final proof that my little lure is not only fun to fish, but also efficient in tough conditions.

Fishing Ushiku numa
Takahashi-san of Less is More in excellent mood!

Around midday we quit fishing and had some very delicious Ramen for lunch to perfectly round-up the last day of the trip. Thanks again for having me and taking me out fishing!

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