I already mentioned Kondo-san – aka. Good Morning Invader in one of my recap posts from last years trip to Japan. We met two times during my visits to Nagoya and I really enjoyed the evenings we spent with good food, some drinks and lively conversations. Today, I would like to put up a few more details and of course some high-res imagery of his lure creations to give credit to him and his superb work.

Good Morning Invader's Antenna
Good Morning Invader’s “Antenna” * Weight: ~32g, Length: 90mm

Let’s start with a brief explanation of the name “Good Morning Invader”. If I got everything right, it’s referring to these magic early morning hours, when the angler is “invading” black bass’ territory, threatening his life. I somehow like this metaphor and the picture it’s drawing.

What’s most astonishing about Good Morning Invader’s Lure designs, are for sure used materials and crafting techniques. The hand worked aluminum tubes not only have a highly unique look and finishing, but of course some very special characteristics when it comes to movement and swimming qualities.

Good Morning Invader Lures
Good Morning Invader’s “Antenna” (back) & “Boiler” (front)

From our conversations, I remember that Kondo-san mentioned the sheer amount of time he invested in finding the right balance between design qualities and more material dependent aspects of water resistance and durability. The results of extensive material testing of even the smallest components and parts as well as endless prototyping are truly speaking for themselves. I know that he’s drawing some inspiration from Shakespeare’s “Revolutions” lures from around 1902-1905, but putting an own spin on things in such a magnificent way is underlining his creativity and imagination.

Enjoy browsing the photos and let me know if you got any questions.

Good Morning Invader's Boiler
Good Morning Invader’s “Boiler” * Weight: ~26g, Length: 110mm

Good Morning Invader Lures
Sneak peak at the builder’s lure box…

Good Morning Invader Lures
Another detail shot…

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