Today, I received another sending from overseas and I would like to share some more details and photos of another beautifully clean and inspiring Nuw Mouse design.

I got this K22 model (color: GBLS – Grain Black Shore) from 2007 thanks to the kind help of a good friend and of course with a bit of luck. After being able to have a closer look and hands-on experience with some of Budd & Joey’s color patterns and lure designs this summer, I’m simply starving for more visual inspiration.

I already got hands on some fishing magazines from the last three decades featuring Budd & Joey’s work, but printed articles doesn’t even come close to holding one of Hiroyuki Fujita’s lures in your own hands. I think now that I got these different variants of this highly unique lure, I’m starting to understand more and more aspects of lure building that we discussed and talked through back in August.

Unfortunately the Budd & Joey website is closed since a while by now, but I still remember that I spent hours browsing the images and translating describing texts using Google’s translation tools. It’s really a shame that there’s no place where you can learn more about Hiroyuki Fujita’s designs and concepts, so I’m glad to give some credit to his work with some posts and photos.

Nuw Mouse K22 – Grain Black Shore
Grain Black Shore [GBLS] – a beautifully clean color pattern

I’m really a sucker for Natural Wood patterns and the Grain Black Shore [GBLS] color is by far one of the most beautiful executions I found so far. I can fully understand why a lot of builders are drawing inspiration from this particular pattern. I simply fell in love with the perfect and subtle blend of the original bass wood grain and four well-choosen colors for texturing the lure body and highlighting particular elements like eyes and mouth.

Nuw Mouse K22 – Grain Black Shore
Close-up – featuring the stunning eye detail and black scale pattern

Nuw Mouse K22 – Grain Black Shore
Colors and blending styles creating a subtle mix together with the original wood grain

From my conversations with Fujita-san, I remember some aspects and conceptual thoughts of the Nuw Mouse design. The lure is originally intended for fields that are characterized by reed, driftwood and lily pads. The compact body shape in different sizes, as-well as available weights, are supposed to make pin-point casting into gaps and hiding spots in aforementioned cover and structures easier and as convenient as possible.

The round body shape and positioning of used double hooks, are allowing to fish the Nuw Mouse through obstacles and cover with ease, while turn-by-turn action, the light pop-sound and the movement of the different tail variants are producing high appeal.

Budd&Joey - Nuw Mouse
Three different models from 1999 to 2007 in highly unique patterns

The different models (33, 22 and K22) are made from different materials and wood densities, offering high versatility and allowing convenient lure sizes and weights. The concept and thinking that went into the design of this lure is simply inspiring and I can’t wait to finally use and test the Nuw Mouse during one of my next trips.

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