The original Balsa 50 (バルサ50) is probably one of the most popular lures ever made in Japan. Designed by Tadashi Nishioka during the late 70′s, built and manufactured by Saurus / ザウルス (run by Mr. Hirosuke Nori at that time), the Balsa “Five O” design and it’s countless re-interpretations are still highly rated and approved by many anglers.

Today’s post is simply featuring some footage and imagery I found on the internet during my research, but is also meant as a brief teaser for what comes up next. There’s still one last recap post waiting to get published and this one will be truly special. During last years trip to Japan, I had the pleasure and honor, to visit the Saurus Factory and the House of bass fishing pioneer Mr. Hirosuke Nori. Visiting the birthplace of bass fishing in Japan, was a magnificent experience and an incredible source of inspiration, so I’m looking forward to share some impressions and photos in my next post.

For todays diary entry, I prepared some of the magazine scans I found during my research. Enjoy!

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Mr. Tadashi Nishioka

Source: masao_fishing

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