Here we go with the last and final installment of my recap series covering last years trip to Japan. It’s been more than 5 months now since I had the chance to literally get hands-on with Japanese bass fishing history. I’m feeling really bad about the fact, that it took me this long to finally put up a blog post documenting my visit to the history-charged Saurus Inc. factory and the private house of founder Mr. Hirosuke Nori. Since he has past away some ears ago, his house and surrounding property is kept alive and in its original state by people working at the nearby Saurus Factory.

Before I continue with a brief recap of my experiences and memories of that day, I would like to send a big “Thank You” to Mr. Shu Miura – former chief editor of Basser Magazine, who perfectly organized this truly exciting day-trip. Arigatou gozaimasu!

We met early on a hot and humid day in August and after an entertaining and enjoyable car ride through Chiba prefecture, we made a brief stop at a holiday resort nearby our final destination. While enjoying coffee and delicious cakes & pastries we talked about the foundations of bass fishing in Japan (you can read about this topic here) and I had the chance to have a closer look at the bible for Japanese Bass anglers. A book called “black bass tsuri no tanoshimikata”, that was published back in 1978 by Mr. Hirosuke Nori and Mr. Shuji Yamada.

Hirosuke Nori & Shuji Yamada
Mr. Hirosuke Nori & Mr. Shuji Yamada

Flipping through the pages of the original printed version of this book and marveling at the fascinating imagery was more than exciting, because we where just minutes away from it’s history-charged birthplace.

We got a warm and friendly welcome, when we arrived at the Saurus Inc. factory just 30 minutes later and after a brief introduction, we moved over to Hirosuke Nori’s house which is literally just a stone’s throw away. Visiting the birthplace of bass fishing in Japan was a great experience and vintage tackle, framed vintage photos of it’s owner and his impressive record collection are still vivid in my memories.

Japanese Bass Fishing History
The private house of Mr. Nori – birthplace of Bass Fishing in Japan

Tackle Box Heaven
These boxes are juts a part of the stunning collection of Mr. Hirosuke Nori

Within the next 1-2 hours, we got a personal tour around the house and surrounding factory buildings and even if I took dozens of photos, I still have the sore feeling to have missed out on many interesting details.

Balsa50 Color Chart
Balsa50 Color Chart

I added 16 photos to this blog post to give you a brief glimpse of the inspiring insights and fascinating objects I saw during the tour. Enjoy!

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