With temperatures around 12°C and some spare time at hand, I spent an hour at the water testing a prototype and some latest arrivals. Despite shivering temperatures and a slight breeze, I found a quiet place with almost no wind and enjoyed to finally do some casts again. Playing handmade lures by my favorite builders after almost four months of forced fishing abstinence felt just perfect.

Prototype Testing
Quite happy with this one, but there’s room for improvement

Prototype Testing
Floating position

While gaining some more insights regarding balancing and line-eye positioning of my own prototype, I decided to finally take Budd&Joeys Nuw-Mouse out for a first hands-on session. I enjoyed every aspect of working this perfectly crafted lure in shallow water and just loved it’s versatile movement and subtle spit sounds. I still remember Hiroyuki Fujita – it’s creator – playing the Nuw Mouse at Lake Biwa last summer, which was a great source of inspiration.

Nuw Mouse K22
Budd&Joey Company – Nuw Mouse K22 (color: GBLS – Grain Black Shore)

It will take some time to unlock the true potential of this lure, but this first field-test was full of inspiration and insights. In just a few weeks I will be able to take this great lure to Spain and I’m hopeful to lure some Andalusian black bass out of their hiding spots!

Handmade Lures
The obligatory lure-box shot.

As for my own lure creations.. Today I finally finished a second round of sanding and iterating the shape lines of latest lure blanks. Now I can’t wait to begin working on drillings, painting and coating, but I still have to finish some work for my day job, before I can get started with this part of the process. There’s still a lot of work left and probably some painful lessons to learn before I can take the new creations out for fishing.

I also tried to document movement and action of the lure design I’m currently refining, but except of the great scenery and catchy tune, the result is pretty mediocre.. :|

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