Today I started not before midday and the temperatures where already around 23 degree when I took the road to Guadalmellato. Right in front of the dam, I changed my mind and took an adventurous path down to the river that gets filled by the nearby reservoir. I crossed this part of Navallana numerous times, but never had the guts to take the sandy path at the yawning abyss.

Fishing these most distant areas upstream was always on my mind in recent years and I got rewarded with a fascinating view when I started to explore some first spots.

Green River
Almost unreal scenery. So peaceful and quiet

The banks are mostly rocks and boulders with some huge trees popping up every now and then. The water was quite clear and I instantly spotted some mid size bass, carpsand some giant barbels.

Green River
Perfect conditions…

After just a few minutes I recorded some first bites and shortly afterwards the first fish of the day was in the net. Not as big as the monster I was awaiting in this place, but fun fight anyway!

Record de Ligero
Lure: Record de Ligero “Quebrada”

The air was now heating up, and I found myself scanning the banks for some shadows to hide from the sun. I covered some distance downstream until I found these majestic tree and simply had to take some photos. A truly magic place!

Green River
Stunning spot in breathtaking scenery…

The 2nd and last fish for today was again courtesy of one of my Elephant Baits lures. This time it was the spotted “Voxer” I got during Elephant’s Jam last summer, that produced a splashing strike and thrilling fight between huge rocks.

Thee Elephant Baits

I missed out on a few more bites today, but was still happy with my decision to explore this place. I’m fully aware that I stressed my luck a lot during the last two days, but somehow I was expecting another big fish – taking into account the amazing scenery and perfect hiding spots for bass.

Green River

Tomorrow I will leave Cordoba in direction Andujar and will stay another week in the national park surrounding two of the most interesting reservoirs in this area. Another update with pictures from Encinarejo to follow in two days. Stay tuned!

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