Against all odds I decided to continue fishing right away, without the one-day break that was planned for today. To my big surprise the water level at Encinarejo was much worse than expected. I checked the levels a few times in recent weeks, but what I saw when I arrived left me slack-jawed.

Back At Encinarejo
~4m lower water level than last year…

After long thoughts about where to go, I prepared the kayak for the afternoon trip and soon discovered that the wind might become another tricky oponent for today.

After two hours, I slowly found my rhythm and discovered that there where countless big rocks hidden below the surface. I continued fishing these places with a prototype I made last summer. After a while I experienced two first cautious bites. Minutes later I got the first fish of the day. Not as big as expected, but a first catch with this lure, which was just the right motivation to continue my pursuit.

Handmade Lure
Another fine fish for this prototype

Handmade Lure
Proud builder… :)

I took about one hour of kayaking to reach one of my favorite places from last years trip. Unfortunately I had to explore sandy banks instead of the green places in my memories. What a letdown…

Back At Encinarejo
Where’s all the water gone?!

Back At Encinarejo
Sand and rocks…

I took some pictures and went back to where I came from. On my way I fished some smaller bays to hide from the steadily increasing wind. In the closing stages I got a second good strike. Again on the shiny prototype! God final call for the day.

Back At Encinarejo
This one is catching good fish!

Tomorrow I will have a look at the conditions and water level at Jandula, but I already fear the worst… *crossing fingers*

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