Today marked my second trip to Jandula and the memories of the extremely “uncomfortable” roads leading to this place where still vivid. When I arrived, light fog was covering the scene, but the much lower water level (compared to last year)was the fist thing to catch my eye.

Great feeling to be back at this place…

Top water on the rocks

I started fishing a bay that I remembered from last years trip, but it took me another hour to record a first bite on the beloved ” Voxer”. The next cast brought this mid-sized beatnik, but I was optimistic that Jandula would have more on offer today.

The Elephant Baits
1st fish of the day

After a while I recognized first patterns and focused on areas with huge rocks and slanting banks. The next strike was fierce and as breath-taking as the following fight. Beautiful fish, but see for yourself:

The Elephant Baits

Around midday, I approached a rocky bay that looked more than promising. Withing minutes I recognized several bites and I was sure the next fish would follow soon. It’s the first time, that I switched to one of my Budd&Joeys lures and I was full of hope that a lively moving double swisher would do he job. The next strike was surprisingly soft,but the fight even more thrilling and I had to give my best to get hand on this beast.

Budd & Joey Company
Lovely first fish for this lure!

Budd & Joey Company

During the following hours I missed out on numerous bites, but the increasing frequency felt promising. The scenery changed just marginally and I continued fishin areas with big rocks and huge boulders lurking below the surface. Fishing my shiny top water plugs in this field was perfect to improve my casting accuracy, even if there are now some new dents and scratches covering my favorites.

Top spot!

After a while I got rewarded for my persistence with a good fight between rocks and sunken tress, but the following photo perfectly reflects the mood after this catch!

Budd & Joey Company
Another sweet bass

Jandula bass
Hasta Luego!

Great day fishing!

Simply love this place

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