Time for the final round-up and some more pictures featuring one of the most excitinging places I visited during this years trip.

The time I spent in Spain was nothing short of amazing. I can’t remember a year that was so rich of exciting catches, but even more filled with great and highly memorable moments which I gained during my travels.

There where truly magic moments, like the visits to Jandula or my kayaking expedition at Guadalmellato on the last day of the trip. Overall I’m taking a lot of inspirational and unforgettable impressions from these trips and I can’t wait to share these and the hundreds of photos with friends and family.

Beautiful view…

This last trip to Guadalmellato was not as exciting (when it comes to big catches), as previous trips to this place, but offered much more than just thrilling topwater strikes. Temperatures slightly above the 30 degree mark and almost no wind all day made for tough fishing conditions, but allowed me to explore some unseen areas. One of the highlights was a small half-sunken chapel, I found literally in the middle of this huge reservoir. I knew about this place for quite some time, but never had the chance to go there myself.

Exploring the unknown…

A little spooky, huh?

This year, I spent much more time searching for the much-cited “last adventures of our time”. For me this is all about discovering hidden places that only a few people will ever get to see and which are so remote, that you barely meet or see a human being while out there.

I had much time thinking about this during the last two weeks and I feel that our longing for remoteness (and spending time in peaceful seclusion), seems to be rooted in our daily routines full of comfort and foreseeable cycles. And of course the fact, that we rarely experience stirring events and moments or get truly surprised by things that happen around us. Of course, we get struck by lightning when checking our deposit at the end of the month or get stressed out by things happening at the day job. I’m sure you are getting the picture…

I’m more referring to these pushes of adrenaline and awe-inspiring moments when approaching unexplored places, where nature seems to be the center of everything and we begin to feel much smaller and less important than the beautiful things and living creatures around us. Searching for these special places, can help us to (re)open our minds and might even strengthen sensitivity and empathy for these simple, yet beautiful things that happen around us every day.

I hope this doesn’t sound too pathetic, but these thoughts where spinning around in my head for quite some time and I hope to have found he right words and tone to describe them. Now lean back and enjoy a last set of pictures from green and sunny Andalusia.

Breathtaking view…

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Guadalmellato Bass
Final fish of the trip – caught with one of my own creations!

I would like to send a big “Thank You!” to my friends in Spain, for helping me to organize this years trip. Your kind help and support is much appreciated!

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