It’s been a long while since my last post, and it feels good to bring this blog back to life with a series of recap posts. This time featuring short stories and tons of pictures from my recent trip to Japan. I’m back in Berlin since almost two weeks now, but If you would ask me if I would like to go again, I would start packing right away.

This years round-trip was as exciting as previous visits to this amazing country and I’m really happy (and lucky), that I was able to meet so many friends and interesting new people during the two weeks I traveled between Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Again, I will document my journey and fishing trips in reverse order and will kick off my recaps with a short summary of a trip to Inba River and Ushiku-numa. For this day-trip, I had the pleasure to meet Muneaki Hayashi of Slowtaper, as well as Mackey (Topbokan) and Ue again. Booth I met for the first time at last year’s Elephant Jam and I was really happy to meet both again for a joint fishing trip.

Inba River
It’s the early bird that catches…

We started the day early at Inba River and from my memories of a trip from two years ago, I could recall how tough this place was. I shared the boat with Muneaki Hayashi again and I was super excited to give my new Slowtaper L6 a first try (a more detailed hands-on report to follow).

Despite perfect conditions with light rain and a gentle breeze, fishing was tough and while we both where still eagerly awaiting a first bite or fish, Mackey and Ue where already successful with two sweet catches. Good skill! :)

Inba River Bass
Ue’s Inba-bass. Well done!

Inba River
Muneaki Hayashi featuring the 2014 Japan Tour shirt

We continued fishing until midday and decided to spend afternoon and evening at Ushiku-numa (a one-hour car-ride from our current position). A place that was still vivid in my memories from last years trip with Muneaki Hayashi and Takahashi-san of Less is More. After a tasty and energy-rich lunch, we met two friends of Mackey, who joined us for the remainder of the day. Both where fishing Ushiku-numa in the morning and had two good fish. With these good news in mind we kept our expectations and hopes high for the few remaining hours until sunset.

Starting the afternoon trip at Ushiku-numa

Unfortunately Ushiku-numa had other plans and all four of us ended up with no bites. During the afternoon I was fishing together with Mackey and Ue and was impressed by casting and fishing skills. It became soon obvious that both of them are spending much more time on the water and topwater fishing than the “crazy German”…

Ue and Mackey in good mood nonetheless!

Like so many times before, we ended up at a Ramen place after fishing and we finished the day wit a cold beer, tasty ramen noodles and bright smiles. Thanks a lot for an entertaining trip and valuable topwater lessons. Arigatou gozaimasu!

Hope to meet all of you soon again!

For more pictures check Ue’s entry on the jamming’ blog.

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