Following a rainy trip to Takayama-dam the day before, I had the pleasure top meet good friends Shinichi Hirayama (Genuine Record) and Mr. Nagata of Rotton again. Also on board: Takayuki Mori, whom I already met before and new friend Shingo, who was so kind to pick me up at the hotel and who took very good care of the German guest throughout the day. Thanks again!

After having lunch at a delicious Tempura Restaurant and a quick sight-seeing tour by car passing by Osaka Castle, I had the chance to visit one of the most popular Topwater Shops across Japan again. Run by Yoshimasa Nagata – Rotton, Fishing Ajit – is well known for a fine selection of Topwater tackle and outdoor goods, but most notably for curating a handful of highly sought-after, lure designs series – featuring the who is who of Japan’s lure building scene. If you have a minute, I encourage you to browse the fine lure designs of Study To Be Quiet and Rotton’s Spirit of Basser.

Tsubayama Dam
Shingo and Mr. Hirayama – head behind Genuine Record

We arrived at Tsubayama-dam early afternoon after a 2-hour car-ride. These 2 hours where full of fishing talk and we even had a quick excursions into German Rock music thanks to the music library on my phone. The reservoir itself is embedded into green hills and crossed by a handful of bridges painted in the typical and compelling fire-red. Beautiful place and scenery!

Tsubayama Dam
Red bridges me likes… :)

We started fishing with a mix of sunshine and light clouds, but thanks to the surrounding mountains, we quickly enjoyed the cool of their shadows while exploring the banks. Already after a few minutes we “recorded” first bites and Shingo caught the first fish of the day. I had the chance to try some of recently released Record lures and found a new favorite in “BirdMan” a crawler that was released under the Record de Ligero series (in cooperation with Rotton) just a few weeks before.

Tsubayama Dam Bass
Shingo with the first fish of the day…

During the next hours a few more fish where caught by the attendees, while the german guest missed out on a few strikes and even managed to lose a small fish in front of the boat. It happens to all of us… :)

Tsubayama Dam
Typical scenery at Tsubayama-dam.

Tsubayama Dam Bass
Shingo with another fine fish curtesy of Record’s “Mandarina”

Tsubayama Dam
Another red beauty…

Fishing Tsubayama-dam in such great company was fun and enjoyable, but the highlight of the day was yet to come. Unfortunately I forgot to take some photos during the evening and night, but if you are connected with me on the known networks, you might find a few shots taken by friends. Again I had the pleasure to meet more new faces enjoying a delicious after-fishing-dinner, and during the course of the night we had good talks, drinks and laughter.

Good company!

A small group of us spent the rest of the night until early morning at Rotton Fishing Ajit, talking topwater, about lure design and various other topics while having a closer look at the fine products on offer. Thanks again for the warm welcome, great hospitality and for the inspiring talks!

One of the rare photos featuring Nagata-san and myself: :)

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