This recap post is already long overdue, but better late than never! As most people come to this blog for the pictures anyway, I will keep things short and sweet this time.

For the 1st fishing trip of this years stay in Japan, I was happy to meet some good friends from Osaka area again. Already two days before the trip, I got picked up by Noriaki Kidoro (Elephant Baits), Sho Kitano and Kazuhiko Tsujishima in Umeda – a major commercial and business district in Kita-ku, Osaka. It was great to finally see them again after all the good memories I took from last years meeting at Elephant’s Jam. The day was hot and humid, but cold drinks and delicious food made for relaxed and joyful evening with lots of fishing talk.

The trip itself, brought back some great memories as we went to one of my favorite reservoirs in Osaka area. It was actually the first place I went to for topwater fishing during a first visit to Japan four years ago. Takeshi Fukuma (2tone) was part of this first trip to Takayama, so he simply had to join us again for this expedition.


We arrived early morning and steady rain welcomed us at the dam side of the reservoir. That’s the only downside of traveling Japan during rainy season, but you know it also makes for perfect fishing conditions!

Everyone in good mood…

Unfortunately Takayama had other plans for us and until early afternoon all seven members of our joined expedition ended up with no bites and no fish. Memories from two previous trips to this place where still vivid, so the tough conditions didn’t catch me by surprise. On the other hand, we had plenty of time to test prototypes and some new lures I added to my box during the last days. Sharing some knowledge and insights from recent lure building projects made for some good and inspiring talks.

Red bridges again…

One of my favorite colors: Moriyama Patchwork (守山パッチワーク)

Despite the lack of fishing action Takeshi and I enjoyed casting our plugs and after changing location to upstream areas the rain finally stopped and we fished Takayama river in beautiful scenery.



Exploring Takayama river upstream…

Tired and with sore arms and wrists from a long day on the water, we returned to Osaka city and enjoyed some giant steaks and hamburgers before we split ways. Thanks again for taking me out fishing! ありがとうございます。

There are still lots of photos and little stories that could fill a handful of posts, I just have to see when I will be able to put them up on the blog. Please bear with me..

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