Earlier this week I enjoyed a short afternoon trip to a river called “Havel”. The gently flowing river meanders through parts of Brandenburg and the city of Berlin and is full of interesting and nice places (not only for fishing). I really enjoyed the few hours I walked through green woods and meadows, and two good bites on Handsome’s Snork made up for the ~ 1-hour ride.

Clear water and lots of hiding spots.

A quiet place in beautiful green scenery.

There are just a handful of natural rivers around Berlin, and most of them are quite difficult to fish, but you never now what you get. Often you are leaving these promising looking places empty-handed, but with a bit of luck you can enjoy the thrill of fighting decent perch or even strong pikes up to one meter length.

I only picked a handful of favorites for the trip.

Temperatures are already going to drop below ten degrees at nights and the season is about to come to an end rather sooner or later, but I’m still hopeful I can take advantage of these last warm days of summer to enjoy topwater fishing.


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