After a few tough and uneventful fishing trips to nearby lakes and rivers in recent weeks, I finally got rewarded for my patience and belief. End of last week the weather conditions where just perfect and an afternoon fishing trip to my favorite lake was the best thing I could do. It’s been a long while since I caught a big perch using topwater lures at this place, so I was eager to prove myself that the belief in my beloved plugs is reasonable and well-founded.

Hiding in the trees…

End of summer bigger perch are becoming more active and you can find them schooling below big swarms of bait fish. Of course you need to be patient and to watch for an opportunity to find them feeding closer to the surface, but when you are lucky, you can experience exciting topwater fishing when the bite is on.


One of the most beautiful fish I ever caught.

I can’t remember the last time, when I saw big perch of this size feeding in the crystal green waters, so the adrenaline was rushing and in my haste I missed out on the first few bites. I just started fishing Budd & Joey’s “Peek-a-boo Amazing” a few minutes earlier and the lively movement and the splashes of the back prop proved to be irresistible for the bigger fish coming up from the deep for their feeding frenzy.

Budd & Joey’s “Peek-a-boo Amazing” – Color: YGF

Within the following 20 minutes I caught three great fish. Two of them bigger than 40 cm and the better one a sheer beauty of 46 cm! The biggest perch I ever caught on a topwater lure. The bigger fish in this lake are simply stunning to watch. They not only look strong and healthy, but are showing some remarkable coloring with some beautiful red fins contrasting against their fat white bellies.

Beautiful northern perch of 46 cm!

The bite was over as quickly as it had come and I almost cursed myself for spending so much time taking photos. Now two days later, I’m more than happy that I got some good shots keeping alive the great memories of this exciting fishing trip.

Thanks for a thrilling trip!

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