Just recently, I was asked by a fellow reader to share some photos of Japanese bass fishing magazines that I collected over the years. For today’s post, I decided to focus on features and articles showcasing the inspiring work of Hiroyuki Fujita. I still remember browsing the original Budd&Joey website when I got into Japanese Surface Game back in 2009. It’s really a shame it’s not available anymore.

Today there are only a handful of Japanese-only blogs and websites, where you can catch a brief glimpse of Budd&Joey Company’s perfectly crafted handmade lures – so hopefully this blog post will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for some of you. Browsing the gallery you will get some rare insights into the creation process of the extraordinary and highly unique designs by Japan’s godfather of handmade lure-building.

Since more than 35 years Budd&Joey Company delivers perfectly crafted and well-tought-out lure creations and Fujita-san’s influence on today’s lure-building scene is truly undeniable.

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Budd & Joey Magazine Articles
Photo taken from a Basser Magazine issue from 2002

I hope you will enjoy browsing the photos I took earlier today. I might even add a few more during the next days, so stay tuned!

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