Yesterday I spent some time sketching new ideas while thinking about how to achieve a unique visual appearance and aesthetic for my upcoming lure designs. After experimenting with materials and physics until now, it feels like the logical next step to bring style and design direction to the next level.

I instantly had to think of the inspirational talks, I had last summer with two friendly lure builders about exactly the same topic. We spent a whole evening discussing about how a unique look & feel can be achieved with craftsmanship, a keen eye for detail and a feeling for utmost precision.

Handsome Lures – Lipstick (リップスティック) & Budd&Joey – Nuw Mouse K22

It feels obvious, that techniques for building ones own custom glass eyes, individual coloring and finishing are playing a main role in making a lure design unique and distinctive (besides the lure shape of corse), but there are also micro-details like well designed hook-hangers or other customized body-parts which can make a difference. Paying attention to these tiny elements is well worth the effort and when clever engineering meets a high affinity for design, magic things can evolve.

Lipstick’s clear-colored glass eye

Nuw Mouse – red eye detail

As with every other creative discipline, evolving your own tools and manufacturing processes is a main part of developing your own style and aesthetic. These basic elements require constant refinement and thoughtful iteration to create something that stands out and not only catches fish, but the eye as well.

For your inspiration, I’m covering this blog post with a handful of detail shots from some of my favorites of late. Enjoy!

Budd&Joey – hook hangers & body plate detail

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