Thought it might be time for a sign of life and for a quick update from winterly Berlin. I spent more time with the family at the end of last year, but 2015 started with a packed schedule. I hope to keep this busy period up as long as possible to save some bucks for planned fishing trips. Luckily it’s off-season, so it doesn’t hurt to much spending all day at the office. Unfortunately there’s not much happening on the lure building front, but I’m optimistic that there will be some news to share within the next weeks and in time for the new season.

Just today the city got covered with a dusting of snow, so we decided to spend the afternoon out of town.
Our 4 1/2 year old son really loves being outdoors, especially around water and out in the woods. Taking the half-hour ride to one of our favorite lakes was was the obvious choice and we even got rewarded with some sparse sunshine during the afternoon.


The scenery was simply stunning and reminiscent in so many ways of all the things we love about the winterly woods in the north of Berlin – pure natural beauty at its very best.


I’m adding some photos showing a wonderful snap shot of the incredible scenery that the area has to offer and it certainly whet our appetite for exploring the surrounding woods and visiting this place again.


2 thoughts on “Out In The Woods

  1. Paul Adams wrote on :

    I really you think you need to use the movie button on that camera or your’s, your photography and the look of your blog is so good it hurts a little, i am sure you could do some serious damage with a film.

  2. Christian wrote on :

    Hahaha.. thanks Paul! I’ve thought about it several times, but didn’t find the time to give it a try. Cutting and composing footage is just much more time consuming than a quick shot and I’m already spending too much time in front of an illuminated screen..

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