A few weeks ago I was inspecting lure boxes and inventory just to realize that one particular type of color pattern was clearly prevailing. While I always had a strong connection and fondness to the detail-rich masking colors of Genuine Record and 2tone, I somehow got more into frog patters with a classic touch within the last two years.

It might be caused by inspiration I’m drawing from my meetings with Mr. Fujita of Budd&Joey and of course with getting hands of a handful of his lure designs, but there are a few more favorites I would like to share. I added a dozen photos to give you a brief glimpse at the classic look & feel that I mentioned above and would like to take the chance to give credit to it’s creators.

MFF by Anydope

I really like the simple execution of Mr. Nakano’s MFF pattern and it quickly became a favorite since released for the first time last year. The pattern not only come along in a quite unique and unseen color combination, but also features a stunning high contrast eye detailing and eye design.

NacNac &Tritap, Color: MFF

Husky Musky ltd. by Handsome Lures

This clean and compelling pattern is a hot favorite too and is an essential part of my lure box since a while. It’s a shame this color (originally designed for the defunct Husky Musky tackle shop) is discontinued, but I’m glad Mr. Shimasaki decided to revive it with his just released NHF (NaturalHuskyFake) pattern.


Snork, LipStik & RodeoBump, Color: Husky Musky Shop Special

YGF by Budd&Joey Company

I already came across photos of this highly popular and sought-after color during my research some years ago, but it took me until last summer to finally got hands on it for the first time. This was really love at first sight and brought some great memories already. What I like most, is the simplicity and perfectly balanced color combination that lives from the attention for detail that went into it’s creation.


NuwMouse, Color: YGF – Yellow Green Frog

BWF by Abdeal Handmade Lures

BWF is probably the most vigorous and versatile color pattern I can think of. Depending on the particular lure release, it’s base color is featuring various different base colors, but always showing the characteristic dark spots with a yellowish shine. These spots are adding an additional layer of depth between the darkened wood grain background and adjacent base-coloring.


Bowing & SB-Light, Color: BWF

To see all photos uploaded to this blog post, browse the gallery. Enjoy!

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