Days are becoming longer and the sun is increasing it’s resistance to shine a little longer. It’s still cold at nights and it takes until earl afternoon before you feel the urge to step outside. Last weekend we had another short trip to the surrounding woods in the north of the city and somehow things are starting to feel different than they were a few weeks back. Something is changing and you can feel that spring scent in the air while those long dark nights are growing steadily shorter.


It’s fascinating to see how kids are reacting to these first signs of spring after spending most of the last few months indoors while outdoor activities were limited by the weather and freezing temperatures. Last Sunday was the first time that our now 16 months old son was experiencing the woods by walking on his own – exploring the forest floor covered with moss, leaves and pine cones.

A hint of what’s to come…

It’s astonishing how different kids play when they are outside in nature and how spending time outdoors together leeds to different and surprising interactions between our two sons. It’s a perfect reminder of how rewarding outdoor pursuits and invigorating experiences in nature really are. Everyone can benefit from a little time outdoors and we are already longing for next weekend.

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