Yes, it’s this time of the year again. The first three months of the year really flew by, but I finally pulled the trigger and booked the annual trip to Spain. The prospect of not being able to go this year was looming like a big dark shadow over the last weeks and months, but I’m thankful that I can travel to Andalusia again. I’m very lucky to have such and understanding and supportive family!

It took me a while to find a good cover photo for this entry, but the above close-up from last year was simply too good to be left out. Reminisce on the thousands of memories and countless adventures that emerged on last years trip.

Conditions in Spain might not be as good like in recent years due to lack of rain during January and February, but I’m sure I (we) will enjoy kayaking reservoirs down there nonetheless. I’m writing “we”, because I might get company from a Japanese friend I met in Osaka during last years trip to Japan. Shingo was quickly infected by my enthusiasm for traveling and fishing in rural Andalusia and mentioned his interest to join me a few times since then.

It didn’t came as a surprise when he contacted me some days ago and since then we are trying to make the impossible happen. Organizing a fishing license (which is quite difficult to obtain for non-spanish anglers) and taking care of bookings for a second kayak and accommodation. But we are almost there and I’m looking forward to have him on board for the first half of the trip.

Throwing our plugs at Andalusian black bass together will be fun and I’m hopeful we can build on the good catches of previous years. *All fingers and toes crossed*


Packing lures for an upcoming trip is one of the best things ever!

To get in the right mood for the upcoming trip (only 4 weeks to go) I started packing my lure box earlier today. Surprisingly it didn’t take as long as expected and my selection feels like a prefect blend of tried (and tested) favorites and a handful of new arrivals.

2 thoughts on “Off To Andalusia Again

  1. Enrique Baron wrote on :

    Can’t wait we meet again, Christian…

  2. Christian wrote on :

    ¡Hola, amigo mío!
    Esperando tener el gusto de verle en Córdoba!
    Hasta Pronto.

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