For those of you that got curious after the recent entry featuring the stunning work of Hiroyuki Matsuda, I’m posting a few shots and close-ups of “Rowdy Hound”. I was incredibly lucky to get this fine lure by Permanent Vacation and I’m thankful and forever grateful for getting this inspiring hands-on experience.

Permanent Vacation's Rowdy Hound
At 90 mm length and ~7/8 oz this tiny fellow should be fun to play!

As mentioned in my previous post, one of the most stand-out details of Mr. Matsuda’s coloring are soft brushed lines partially overlapped by sharp shapes. I can’t remember I have seen this treatment before and together with the filigree and perfectly executed scaled back-line, it’s just another gorgeous detail that makes RHG a unique interpretation of the classic Red Head color pattern. The lures’ compact size and weight are making for a incredibly balanced feel and I’m curious to see movement and action in upcoming field tests.

Permanent Vacation's Rowdy Hound
Inspiring craftsmanship and execution to the very last detail

I’m really looking forward to take this beauty to Spain in about eight days from today and can’t wait to try and play Rowdy Hound in my favorite spots. Let’s see if I can lure some big Andalusian bass out of their hiding spots!

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