Spending a day at Encinarejo is always special and the peaceful quietness and spectacular views are just two of the reasons why I’m traveling Andalusia time an again. That two long-time friends joined in for the trip to this small but fine reservoir, made things even more enjoyable.

Embalse del Encinarejo
How I missed this scenery…

When we a arrived, the sun was already breaking the chill of the night mountain air and with just a little wind and some isolated clouds, conditions where almost perfect. Each of us had their own great memories (and personal bests) at this fantastic place and at first we started into different directions, eager to repeat the success of past fishing trips.

After last years disappointment about the low water levels I was relieved to find beloved spots covered and surrounded by water again and it didn’t take long to get a first bite on a Nuw Mouse K22 in compelling YGF color pattern. This flap version seemed to be just the right trigger and most bites and fish I had throughout the day came when using this fine lure.

I think I should spare you with more boring fishing details and let the pictures speak for themselves…
Encinarejo Bass
First fish of the day…

Nuw Mouse
Had a dozen bites and 3 good fish on this little flapping mouse. New favorite!

Embalse del Encinarejo
One of my favorite views and very typical for this reservoir…

Encinarejo Bass
Can we agree that this is a “fifty”?

Embalse del Encinarejo
Another view of the diverse scenery at Encinarejo

Encinarejo Bass
Simply stunning to watch…

That’s it for today. I will now grab another ice-cold beer and some tapas before getting back to sleep (it’s raining cats and dogs since hours). Tomorrow I will try my luck at Navallaña again. Let’s see if I can finally pass the “fifty” mark on my deck.
I also recorded some first footage using the GoPro camera during yesterdays trip, but it might take some time to sort through the recordings. Need to see if I can cut something that is worth putting on the blog.
Hasta mañana!

6 thoughts on “Encinarejo (Part One)

  1. tsvetán wrote on :

    amazing! can’t wait for the next posting! you inspire! tight lines!

  2. Christian wrote on :

    Hello again.
    Comments like yours are the best motivation I could ask for! :)
    Next update is scheduled for tonight. Stay tuned.
    Cheers, Christian

  3. Joaquin wrote on :


    Do you have YouTube channel?

    Gracias, un saludo

  4. Christian wrote on :

    Hola Joaquin,
    I don’t have one. I’m not making videos that are worth to be uploaded. Maybe I will give it another try on one of my next trips.
    Saludos, Christian

  5. Joaquin wrote on :

    Hi Christian

    I want to start fishing. And I love your blog. because I discovered the wonderful places near my home. I love your photography. I look forward to reading you a long time. I usually browse in my kayak in Cabo de Gata (Almeria) an area you might like to know.


  6. Christian wrote on :

    Hola Joaquin,

    Thanks for your comment!
    I’m glad you like the blog and what I’m doing here.
    Almeria seems to be a great place to live. I’ve never been there, but would like to visit the coastal area one day.

    Take care,

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