Here’s the promised round-up of yesterdays trip – yes I know it’s a little late. :)
After spending almost eight hours on the water, I was just too tired to sit down and put together even a quick diary entry.

For yesterday’s trip, I decided to fish a more remote place, because popular waters like Navallaña are quite crowded on weekends and you have to compete with a lot of tournament anglers for the good spots. When I arrived, conditions where near to perfect. A mix of sunshine and clouds made for comfortable temperatures and a slight breeze allowed for convenient kayaking and fishing.

Embalse Del Guadalmellato

To my surprise it took nearly four hours to record a first bite and I think that this was mostly because of the much lower water level compared to last year. Hiding spots and cover where rare, and I really had to search for places that had both – shallower areas and sunken bushes and trees.

After fishing Records “El Gallo” for most of the day (memories of last years catches are still vivid), I switched to another favorite – Handsome’s “Snork”. The lively little pencil triggered another bite soon after and a follow-up cast brought the long-awaited first fish. While the strike itself felt quite soft, the fight was even more challenging and it took me a while to get hands on her. An what a beauty she was – biggest fish of the trip and finally a true “Fifty!”.

Guadalmellato Bass

Guadalmellato Bass
Face to face…

The following hours where surprisingly uneventful. No bites, no fish – and to make matters worse, the wind had freshen around noon. I was now using Anydope’s OneNac, who already has a proven record from previous trips and helped ending the day on a high again.

Embalse Del Guadalmellato

At one of my favorite spots from last years trip, I got a good strike halfway between rocks and kayak.

Guadalmellato Bass
Another good fish, but this time far below the magic mark.

I’m now heading back to Navallaña. Let’s see how things are going today..

2 thoughts on “Guadalmellato * Fifty!

  1. Valdis wrote on :

    Looks beautiful! Take care.

  2. tsvetán wrote on :

    thanks!!! now I am high again!

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