Yesterday saw the return to one of my favorite places in Sierra Morena. It’s the river in the shadow of the huge dam of Embalse del Guadalmellato. The roads to this place are really adventurous, so I will not post pictures of these – just in case my rental car company is reading this. :)

The Green River
Peaceful and quiet…

Again I started around midday and while there’s was some wind in the beginning it completely died down in the afternoon and allowed for very relaxed fishing conditions. The place itself has it all – huge hidden rocks below the surface as well as countless sunken trees and driftwood piles creating perfect hiding spots.

The Green River
Perfect hiding spots…

After just two bites within the first 3-4 hours, I became a bit nervous but my worries where changed into entire happiness with one hard strike close to a huge Eucalyptus tree rising majestically out of the dark green water. The fight was spectacular and after two escape attempts to the bottom of the river I was already worried to have caught a carp or barbel. A minute later I was grinning at one of the better fish of the entire trip. Exactly fifty! centimeters, yet of astonishing weight for it’s size and simply beautiful coloring.

Navallaña Bass
Lure: Record de Ligero – El Gallo

Navallaña Bass

Within the the remaining hours, I had another handful of bites and three smaller fish. This is how Topwater Angling is at it’s very best!

The Green River

On my way back I tried a few more spots that I left behind unnoticed earlier and got rewarded with another forceful strike. This time I was targeting a field of sunken rocks and huge boulders and I had to fight hard to keep the fish from going down too deep below the surface. These are the situations when I really appreciate to have a short-handle landing net at hand.

Navallaña Bass
Lure: Permanent Vacation’s Rowdy Hound

At all a great day fishing in truly breathtaking scenery!

As mentioned in my previous post, I will travel to Andujar tomorrow – probably paying Encinarejo another visit in the afternoon.
Stay tuned for more!

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  1. tsvetan wrote on :

    Only what you you did yesterday is better better than what I just read. drinking my first cup of coffee today! Thanks for posting! Tight lines & >50cm!

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