It’s been a while since I have posted to the blog and due to heavy work load in coming weeks, things might stay a bit quiet until end of next month. Since being back in Berlin I’m feeling ab it like in stealth mode – working full-time and trying to create a little buffer for summer months and an upcoming trip (more on that soon).

It’s bank holiday weekend here in Germany and the first time in ages that the family is out of town. Perfect occasion to finally reviving some (almost) forgotten projects – gathering dust in my woodworking basket.

Already back in February, I started working on the next iteration of the original pencil design I created three years ago (time flies!). It’s a shame the progress is stagnating since then, but I simply didn’t find the time to continue working on sawed out lure blanks.
Todays sunny weather was just perfect for a bike ride to the near-by park and a round of sanding. It felt great to work outdoors and I’m quite happy with the outcome – even if I would have loved to get a few more done.

Reworked Lure Shape

The slightly reworked body shape features a more rounded back and I’m trying to add more volume to affect buoyancy in a positive way. This will hopefully improve water position and overall floating behavior. I’m still optimistic to get this updated version done till end of next month – in time for high season. More soon..

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