Two days ago, I received a sending from Osaka, containing a fine topwater lure in a truly classic color. Thanks to the kind help of a friend (Thanks again, Tim!), I was able to get hand on GaullaCraft’s “Giza Mouth” – a lure that I was trying to add to the arsenal for quite some time. That I was able to get the FFS Special release – a jointed version in a compelling red-head pattern – made this purchase even more… erm… special.

GaullaCraft's Giza Mouth
FFS Special

Just two weeks ago, I was able to meet Masafumi Yagi (one of the heads behind GaullaCraft) on a fishing trip to Bōsō peninsula with Mackey (Topbokan) and Mueaki Hayashi of Slowtaper also joining in. More pictures and details on this trip are to follow soon.

Mr. Masafumi Yagi of GaullaCraft

If you are not familiar with the work of GaullaCraft, I highly recommend checking out their website and Facebook page, not to miss the picture-rich feature on the Tsutta website.

For it’s size of a around 100mm, Giza Mouth jointed is incredibly lightweight which results in a very balanced feel. I remember from recent talks with Mr. Yagi, that he is using Balsa for a wide range of his lure creations and especially for this one it feels like a perfect choice. Really looking forward to give it a first try over the weekend!

GaullaCraft's Giza Mouth
FFS Special – Color: #DRH, weight: 3/4oz

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