It’s been a quite some time since my last post. Apologies for that.
Today I’m reviving the blog with a quick update featuring some photos of Lamia‘s Cygnet (color: W). This finely crafted topwater lure instantly caught my eye when first photos of the release popped up just a few weeks ago.
I’m following the work of Kanagawa-based lure builder Hidemitsu Jimbo’s since a while and really like his clean and elegant lure designs as well as his minimalistic, yet compelling color patterns.

Lamias Cygnet
Lamia’s Cygnet – Size: 78 mm, weight: 24 g, Color: W

The design of Cygnet is without doubt inspired by Heddon’s Big Bud (designed by Jack Davis in the 70’s), but puts an interesting new spin on the original concept and design. Cygnet is available in six stunning patterns and I was quite lucky to get hands on the minimalistic White color way. The custom-made lip and metal parts are making for a fantastic contrast against the white body coating, while dark eye spots and accenting coloring are adding some compelling details.

Lamias Cygnet
Custom metal parts are adding great details to an overall stunning design
Lamias Cygnet
Another detail shot…

With a length of 78 mm and an approximate weight of ~24 g this fine lure should be fun to use and I’m looking forward to taking it with me to Spain in less than two weeks from today.

5 thoughts on “Lamia’s Cygnet

  1. Chen wrote on :

    Great to see a new post! The gear you fish with are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Christian wrote on :

    Thanks Chen.
    There will be more frequent updates during the coming weeks. The new season is starting and I’m looking forward to finally put that gear to work!
    Take care…

  3. Sascha wrote on :

    Wo bekommst du eigentlich diese Schmuckstücke her? Ich bin immer wieder beeindruckt was man hier zusehen bekommt!

  4. Christian wrote on :

    Hallo Sascha,
    das ist ganz unterschiedlich.
    Pflege zu zwei Topwater Shops in Osaka und Nagoya gute Kontakte. Sehe mich häufiger nach interessanten neuen “Releases” um und frage dann nach, ob ich eine Reservierung machen kann.
    In vielen Fällen sind sie dann bereits vorbestellt oder vergriffen, aber manchmal habe ich eben Glück wie in diesem Fall. Bei den interessanten Lures ist die Nachfrage deutlich höher als die komplett in Handarbeit hergestellten und meist kleinen Stückzahlen pro release.
    Gruß, Christian

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