While planning and preparing trips for the new season, I realized that there are still some photos that I didn’t put on the blog since last years trip to Japan. It feels a bit odd to do this after such a long time, but these fantastic memories are truly worth to be added retrospectively.

It was early July (during a stay in Nagoya), when we went out on a fishing trip to Nagara river. Masahiro Hotta (Abdeal) and I where joined by a friend of his and I remember that we started early after a simple, yet delicious breakfast at a coffee shop nearby the river. Nagara-gawa has its source in the city of Gujō in Gifu Prefecture and its mouth in the city of Kuwana. Downstream, the Nagara River converges and diverges with the Kiso and Ibi rivers at multiple times and during the afternoon we switched to smaller side-arms within this river system.

Nagara River
Masahiro Hotta of Abdeal Lures
Nagara River
Perfect match: Classic Toyota Crown and Navarro canoe

Conditions where quite promising in the morning. There was rain during the night and we started out on the river in cloudy conditions with a slight breeze. I’m really enjoying exploring new waters on Masahiro’s classic Navarro canoe and we share some good memories from previous trips.

Nagara River
River views…

Around midday the sun came out and we had to face one of these hot and humid summer days that are typical for rain season in Japan. We continued exploring some interesting areas and side-arms until noon, but somehow we ended up with no bites, but a decent sunburn as a reward for our efforts.

Abdeal Lures
The builder’s box…

We decided to quit early to get some rest in preparation for a welcome party that was going to be held that night. This reunion with old and new friends was a highlight of last years stay in Nagoya and memories of that night are still vivid in my mind. I really enjoyed seeing good friends like Taizo Shimazaki (Handsome Lures), Kondo-san (Good Morning Invader) and of course Hiroyuki Fujita of Budd & Joey Company again.

Nagoya Nights
Delicious food and drinks…
Nagoya Nights
Taizo Shimazaki of Handsome Lures
Nagoya Nights
Kondo-san aka Good Morning Invader

There where many familiar faces around that night and again I felt more like a long-time friend than a visitor from overseas. Thanks again for great hospitality and for an evening (night) of inspiring talks and having fun!

2 thoughts on “Nagara River

  1. hello!

    I just found your blog a few days ago and have been enjoying it immensely. Such a great resource for people such as myself who have just become interested in the japanese topwater scene but don’t speak japanese. Thanks so much for putting this together and keep up the good work!


  2. Christian wrote on :

    Thanks a lot Colin!
    I’m glad you are enjoying the blog.

    Now that the new season is about to start there should be more frequent updates and hopefully more posts filed under “fishing trips”!

    Stay tuned.

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