I finished this little fellow just in time for the upcoming trip to southern Spain and I’m quite curious to see if after all thought and effort I put into this prototype, this one will be fun to use and worth further exploration. It’s been a while since I had time to work on new lure designs and I enjoyed ever minute building this one.

I started with first paper sketches around the same time when I booked flights and kayak rental for this years trip to Spain. Initially I considered going for a new lure type, but the prospect of fishing pre-spawn bass cruising through shallow grounds let me stick with my favorite lure type. I was quite happy with the last iterations on the lively moving pencil I was working on last year, but wanted this new version to have a more wide-scaring action and sliding movement.

New Pencil Prototype
Work in progress shot
New Pencil Prototype
I startet working on three different sizes, before deciding for this 95mm version

I’m quite hopeful that after thoughtful weight positioning and some promising initial swim tests, this one will become the basis for a more high-fidelity execution over the course of the season.

New Pencil Prototype
Ready to hit the water…

5 thoughts on “New Pencil Prototype

  1. looks great! really like the blue eye.

  2. Christian wrote on :

    Thanks Colin!

  3. Micah wrote on :




  5. Ronaldo wrote on :

    Muito bom gostei parabéns,vc tem o esquema desta isca em somando fazer lhe agradeço.

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