Yesterday I received a copy of „Munch It“ – a nicely designed and picture-rich first issue of the „Japanese Anglers Archive“. Already released back in February the paperback is featuring three popular figures from Japan’s Topwater scene with detailed profiles illustrated by fantastic imagery.

The magazine-like publication is produced by Masahiro Hotta of Abdeal (photos & text) and Daisuke Maeda of Snap and Sarukan (edit & layout). Both did a fantastic job and even if I can’t read Japanese, the nicely designed and layouted format is a joy to flick through. I still remember when Masahiro asked me for a camera recommendations two years ago and it’s amazing to see the quality of photos and colors he’s getting out of his Fujifilm X-Pro. A fantastic system camera – slightly over my budget – but at it seems worth every penny.

Munch It – Vol. 01
Table of contents…

Vol. 01 is featuring handmade lure builders Ninna (Kazuhito Matsuyama) and Handsome Lure‘s Taizo Shimasaki as well as Kazuma Takai of Rattytwister – well known for his fantastic frog lures. Just a week ago I had an exciting day on the water with numerous bites and some good fish using his “Original” frog. Photos and detailed report to follow.

Below you can find some photos I took earlier today to give you an exclusive glimpse into this fine paperback. Enjoy!

Munch It – Vol. 01
Kazuhito Matsuyama of Ninna
Munch It – Vol. 01
Handsome Lure’s Taizo Shimasaki at work
Munch It – Vol. 01
Kazuma Takai of Rattytwister
Munch It – Vol. 01
Perfect blend: classic car and handcrafted Navarro Canoe

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